How You Get Energy From Pizza

When you think about pizza, you probably don’t think about how it gives you energy. Like other types of foods – pizza gives your body calories. Over time, the body converts these calories into energy.

Eating a large pizza will give you a huge boost of energy because your body converts the food into useable energy. A typical American receives about 27 percent of their total daily energy from pizza. A pizza maker at home is quite cheap. You can get a pizza oven for a decent price from the store.

Yes, that means people actually eat pizza every single day. When you consider how tasty pizza is, it’s not too difficult to see how people can eat it at least once per day.

Some consumers prefer Domino’s while others are fans of Pizza Hut. It doesn’t matter where you order it from; your pizza is likely to taste good and provide total customization over what goes into your stomach.

The Typical Slice

You probably didn’t know that a typical slice of pizza contains anywhere from 220 to 370 calories. That is an enormous amount of energy for a small person!

The most loved topping on any type of pizza is cheese. In fact, most pizzas come stock with cheese and tomato sauce. About 250 million pounds of pepperoni finds its way onto pizzas every single year.

  • That is enough meat to feed a small Ethiopian country. Over the last month, it would be nearly impossible to find an American who hasn’t eaten pizza at least once.

This is especially true during October because it’s the national pizza month. We like to think that Americans use it as an excuse to eat all of the pizza that they want. In the United States, 3 billion pizzas are created and sold by pizzerias every single year.